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  • Hello my name is Mauricio a new member here and im creating my first theme for wordpress and I’m having some problems:

    1: Featured Content Gallery installed (not sure if it is the best option if you have any other please specify) and he is only loading.

    2: I could not put the thumbnails in the post

    3: My biggest problem, I can not put the same css style made ​​in the text or the title of the news, and I can not take the color of visited links, active, and underscores it by using the tags needed
    a: link, a: visited, a: active, a: hover etc. ..

    So I’m putting the theme for download … to take a look, just download and install the wordpress and also online for the verification of codes.

    Some things will be in Portuguese because I am Brazilian

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  • You should use a tool such as firebug for Firefox or Inspect Element for chrome. You will find you need to modify image paths and replace some hard coded references with their WordPress counterparts otherwise for example the theme may be looking for images in the root directory rather than the themes location.

    Again using firebug or inspect element you will notice WordPress uses some of it’s own classes/divs which you can specifically target in your css.

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