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  • I’m completely new at this, so bear with me.

    I’m trying to create a new theme so that the blog fits into my site. I know I could have done it the other way round, but that site’s already there, so I didn’t want to rebuild it.

    Anyway, I managed to find most of the things to cross my Ts and dot my Is, like getting the border on the WP page to match that of my original site – that was fun! But I’m still having some other problems. The main one is that the only way I can get the right-hand column to float to the right of the left-hand column is to make the LH column narrower than it is on the rest of my site. Don’t want that.

    I’ve been playing around with this for several days now, and I really don’t want to start over, but would be happy to make a few things go back the way they were – for example, I changed “narrowcolumn” to “leftcolumn” in the style, because “narrowcolumn”, well. wasn’t. Narrow, I mean. It wasn’t too bad when I figured out what was happening, but it still confused me, so I changed it.

    Since then I’ve been reading (I know, I should have read first, but where’s the fun in that?) about the special template tags WP uses, and I’m afraid I may have messed something up by adding to/changing the css selectors I used.

    Any help gratefully accepted.

    WP page: – original, huh?

    PS Also can’t “find” things like the comments when I click on that. I get a 404. Posting separate topic, though, as that’s really a different thing.

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  • Changing narrowcolumn to leftcolumn by name won’t help much. I recommend you use Firefox with its web development add-on (extension). It offers a neat feature that will allow you to display the DIV and CLASS “blocks” on your page. You will find that in order to make one section wider or narrower, it influences the other sections.

    In this case, you have to change the leftcolumn to be “narrower” and the sidebar to be whatever it needs to be to fit within the area.

    Also, you can color code your different divs and classes so you know where they are by adding a background or border color so sidebar is green, leftcolumn is red…etc. Then you can see exactly how wide each is and what needs to narrow or widen.

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