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  1. Elskede
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I insalled WordPress. Then I downloaded Clear Line Theme, uploaded and extracted it. It shows up on my site. BUT...it looks only similar to the screenshot. How do I get the Clear Line Theme that is be advertised in the screen shot?

    Specifically, it has one category, followed by 2 more narrow ones under it that have small image spaces, followed by 2 narrow ones with image spaces under those, and then it returns to the one wider category, repeated a few times.

    What I uploaded has only one wider category and that is all. Where is the "theme changer" that would help me?

    I have an account on WordPress.com and does not allow use of the CLear Line Theme. Where is this "theme changer"?

    Also, I wanted tags, not categories.

    How is all this done. I have now spent more than 30 hours over 3 days trying to figure it out myself, so I tought I had better ask for help since I really did try.

    Will anyone help me before I throw my kaptop against the wall?


  2. vatuma
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Elskede, the best way to get support on the clear line theme is to post questions on the theme support forum: http://vatuma.com/support/forum/clear-line

    Anyway you should see the Clear Line theme options firstly.
    Also you should add widgets you like to the sidebars.

    Once more: if you have any questions on the theme, post them on the theme support forum mentioned above.

  3. chrisdoth
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Post deleted. Problem solved.

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