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    Hi i found some problems wich appear to show up if i use WPML 4.X (and later versions) with FileBird.
    Precise: The folders (category: nt_wmc_folder) are not synchronising in different languages. If i’m categorising an image in one language it will not show up in the other languages… i have to categorise in each language again… imagine i have to do this with a wp install with 7 languages and 500+ images 😉

    This behavour seems only to show up in WPML 4.X and later…
    older WPML Versions (e.g. WPML 3.9) work like a charme…

    another detail:

    in WPML 3.9 it shows the exact number of media files beside the Folder “All files”

    in WPML 4.X it shows the a multiplicated number… for example if i have 10 images and 7 languages it shows 70 images beside the folder “All files”

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  • Plugin Author Ninja Team


    Hi @neueweide ,

    Thanks for reaching out and for your report. We will check and fix this issue for the next update. Please stay tuned.

    Best regards,


    are there any updates? I’m running into the exact same problem after I bought filebird.

    Thank you!

    “problems”, that is

    Plugin Author Ninja Team


    Hi @jlxq0 ,

    Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the issue. We are still working on it, please stay connected.

    Best regards,

    Plugin Author Ninja Team


    Hi @jlxq0 and @neueweide

    Just let you know that the problem above has been solved in version 2.0, you can update it now.

    Note: If you still do not see files in the media library of a language, just choose one language and drag-drop to organize files again, then all other languages will be updated as well.

    Please let me know if you have any questions,

    I believe this problem is back.
    We are using WPML with French as a first language and English as the second language.

    One folder is empty in French (default) but it contains 7 files in the English.
    The folder has the same name in French and English.

    And drag-and-drop of file often fails in French but appear to work fine in English.

    wp: 5.2.2
    wpml: 4.2
    filebird: 2.2


    Plugin Author Ninja Team


    Hi @claudemlandry,

    The issue happened maybe because you installed WPML before installed FileBird.
    So please try to Start WPML again here then move files again. After that, it should work well.

    Please let me know if this helps.

    Best regards,

    Hi Ninja Team,

    i could not solve it anyway…

    My current Configuration:
    WPML: Media (attachment) = “Translateable, show only translated”
    WPML: Taxonomy Folder (nt_wmc_folder) = “Not translatable”

    1.) When i create an folder “icons” it works i can see the folder in all languages!
    2.) When i drag a file in the folder “icons” i can see the number [1] in all languages but the file/image is only viewable in the language i dragged it!
    3.) When i drag the same file/image in the folder “icons” in one other language i can see the number [2] besides the folder name but the file/image is the same in both languages…

    I tried many other configurations without luck….
    I tried your trick with restarting WPML (your screenshot) …

    Would be nice if you could find out what the problem is?
    Since you said it had to work… 🙂


    best regards

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    Maybe you can tell me the position in your code where you handle these stuff? so i could find a temporary solution form my client?!

    Plugin Author Ninja Team


    Hi @neueweide,

    We tried on our site and did not see any issue. Can you try to delete all the folders and try to drag images again? And please record the screencast so we can better help you.

    Best regards,

    Ok i have installed a new WordPress on our providers space (Raidboxes:…

    Here is the URL to the page i build up for testing:

    (i could sent you an Admin so you could login to look in Backend?!)

    i did this:

    – Install new WP (5.2.3)
    – Install Plugin (see order): Classic Editor, FileBird, WPML Multilingual CMS, WPML String Translation, WPML Translation Management, WPML Media
    – config WPML with 5 languages (olnly the basic: language in folder, including saving it on permalinks page)

    Then i go to media and add a folder “Test”
    -> the folder is shown up in all 5 languages
    Than i add an image via drag and drop in media
    -> the image is shown in all languages, but besides “All files” i can read the number 5 (this is wrong?)
    Than i drop the image to the folder “Test”, the image only shows up in the current language i droped the file… in all other languages the folder seems empty (besides the folder i can read the number 1)

    So what am i doing wrong?
    best regards

    i can’t belive you had not that problem?!

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    Plugin Author Ninja Team


    Hi there,

    Please see my screencast here, this is how it works
    The files in “All files” folder are multiplied based on the number of languages.
    The image should be in the folder of all languages.


    Your screencast shows the correct number of images…

    my installation does this not… it is a brand new WP Installation!!!!

    Here the screenshot of the media library:

    I will make a screencast of the process so you can see it live…
    will post it later in the evening 🙂


    Ah ok i just got today a mail from codecanyon that you have an update. I updated know on FileBird 3.2 !!!

    And i made a new install, where installed first filebird and after this wpml.

    Know it works like in your screencast…

    i will check this a bit more if it has to be exact this order… but it seems this works now 🙂


    Hi i have great news 🙂

    With FileBird 3.2 it works like a charme 🙂 (only maybe sometimes a caching problem with the bulk of javascript/ajax processes going on when you move for example 50 files at once from one to another folder, but it works in general juhuuuu )

    thank you for the update 🙂

    – With FileBird 3.2 it is unneccessary what you install first (WPML or FileBird)best


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