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  1. stefanb0007
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hye there chaps,

    I was hoping you can help me out seeing as my hosting company is unwilling to do so!!!

    I have managed to download the latest version of WordPress, & made the necessary changes to wp-config php using notepad .... however, I am not sure what I'm doing wrong thereafter.

    I moved the ammended notepad to the wordpress root directory in Filezilla (where I placed the other WordPress files) but have now 2 wp-configs ... one php & the other text.

    I don't know what to do next .... how do I launch WordPress? The hosting company has been helpful enough to inform me that I shouldn't have 2 wp-config files.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

  2. Samuel B

    Posted 5 years ago #

    my guess is the one you created has the .txt extension
    rename the .php one to wp-configold.php
    rename the one you created to wp-config.php
    you can do this with ftp client
    try the install now

  3. stefanb0007
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Thanks for that. Just did that

    changed wp-config.php in Filezilla to wp-configold.php
    & changed wp-config.php.txt to wp-config.php.

    I typed in my domain name in the URL but am getting a Forbidden message

  4. stefanb0007
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Basically, I don't know how to run the WordPress installation.
    What do I do now??

    When I run the recommendation as per the instalation guide (http://example.com/blog/wp-admin/install.php I get a message that the link appears broken!!

    ARGHHH!!! This is becoming a nightmare

  5. wphelpcenter
    Posted 5 years ago #

    You might need to change the path of that URL based on where you uploaded WordPress. For instance, if you just uploaded it to the root of your site then the URL would be http://example.com/wp-admin/install.php (replacing example.com with your domain name).

    Another option is if your host has an installer (Fantastico or something along those lines) you might could use their software to install WordPress for you.

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