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  • Been using wordpress for 2 years with no problems and suddenly can’t edit posts at all. I can open a ‘new post’ window and paste text(using control v) into it, then nothing works. Can’t even click in the post window, highlight any text, or do anything (except outside the post window – checking categories etc). Have tried in both visual and html (not that I know how to use html). Have also tried deactivating all plug-ins. No difference. I haven’t actually added any new plug-ins lately anyway and my site has been running fine with all the ones I currently have. I have upgraded to most recent version of wordpress, but think that was before the problem started. Can’t see any way to downgrade again to test if this is what’s affecting it.

    Tried editing an old post and it let me do it but when I hit update and view post, the changes weren’t saved.

    My site is

    Really hoping someone can help.

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  • This is getting desperate now. Need to get a post up today. Is this really the only way to get help on wordpress problems? Have used wordpress for two years with zero problems and reccommended it to others without realizing that when problems occur there is no way to contact someone for help.

    Please, if there is anyone who can help, now would be a really good time.

    This is the way to get FREE help. There are sites where you can pay for support if your situation is urgent.

    Have you tried switching theme to 2011 momentarily to see if it fixes your issue? That is a basic troubleshooting step (you already did the other one, plugins, good job!)

    Next up, have you tried a different computer / browser? Gotta rule out the most basic (and likely) offenders first!

    Thanks a million Rev Voodoo. Switching theme didn’t help but switching browser (from Explorer to Firefox) worked like a dream. Just wish I knew why and if I’ll always have to use Firefox in future for my wp admin area? I guess time will tell.

    Just wanted to say thanks and let others know the solution if they have a similar problem. And I take on board your point about free help. Maybe being such a techno clutz I need to find some paid help for emergencies.

    Paid help can be best sometimes for emergencies. We are all just volunteers here, so it’s kind of a crap shoot ya know?

    Someone asks a question -> is the right person logged on at the right time with previous experience or the right knowledge who can offer the right advice

    The stars have to line up so-to-speak

    Now as for your IE problem, I’m not entirely sure what the deal could be. IE (in general) works fine with WP. So we must assume something has flaked on your end. I’d be more apt to believe it is in the browser vs. in your WP install

    So you can try to go into the browser settings, and clear out all cookies, cache, history, etc.

    Previously, firefox totally freaked on me, and I had to remove it and reinstall, which worked.

    Now, if you hop on to an entirely different computer and try IE, and it still doesn’t work with your site … we have an entirely different issue!

    I’m baffled. My site is working fine with IE. It can be viewed, comments can be left etc. But my dashboard, or specifically the edit post window can’t be accessed using IE. (Rest of dashboard is fine) Then I go in via Firefox and it works. Cleared cookies, history etc and didn’t make a difference. Haven’t had a chance to try from another computer yet. Will try that next.

    Thanks again for your help.

    Yeah, if it’s fine on another computer, then something is hosed on your install.

    Might try reinstalling if that’s the case, could be a java conflict or something like that.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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