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Problems displaying more than one column

  • My presentation page had two columns with titles, texts, and links. I updated the text and title in column one, saved it, and when I refreshed my site, the second column and text had dropped below column one, stretching the whole width of the site. Column one maintained it’s appropriate settings (position, size). I tried to diagnose by changing the image and changing the # of columns. When I add more columns, they all drop down below the first column and all stretch the width of the page.

    I have had to go back to just one column in order to have the page look ok. How do I troubleshoot this? Any help would be appreciated.


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  • I will add that when I switched the content from column 1 to column 2, and column 2 to column 1, everything was fine. When I reverted back to the original set up (which is how I want the page to look), column 2 lost its column identity and spanned the width of the page, stretching the image, with no “Read More” link. The width of column 2’s image is within the parameters for a 2-column presentation. I can’t figure out what is going on. I don’t expect anyone to fix this, maybe just give me some ideas, steps to take to troubleshoot.

    You won’t see what I’ve described on my website because it looked so awful I just reverted to one column.



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