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    I have a domain and recently I setup WPMU. The problem is it doesn’t create the blog when I do the registration. For example if a register a site it will send me the email and everything. Once I confirm I can login to the account but to the site (subdomain) i created. The account isnt even listed on the dashboard.

    Can someone help?

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  • Hint: it’s not wpmu any more.

    Also, if it’s not listed under Network Admin -> Sites, then it didn’t get created.

    Does the db user have ALL privliges in the db? Are you incrementing by 1 and not 2 or 10?

    Is the server set up for wildcard subdomains?

    I have setup the wildcards through the cpanel subdomains option * pointing to the wp config

    the DB has all priviliges. I do not understand the 2 or 10 question

    The weird thing is that if i try to create the same site it tells me it already exits. Which tells me that it is writing to the DB but something is missing.

    Okay, go look in your DB under wp_sites and see what are listed?

    As andrea_r pointed out, if the account isn’t listed under Network Admin -> Sites, then it didn’t get created. So let’s check the DB 🙂 Are the tables there?

    Go look in the database please. Are the tables all there?

    under WP SITE i only have the main domain

    the weird thing is that under WP SIGNUPS i see the test accounts… if i create the site manually it does show on dashboard.

    Thanks for the help! Any other recomendation?

    I can login with the recently created user but does not see the site

    wp-signups is for the USER. Not the site 🙂

    if i create the site manually it does show on dashboard.

    So … when a new user signs up and registered to create a new blog, THAT isn’t working?

    What plugins are you running?


    whenever i go to a site that hasnt been create before as I said at the beginning ex. it ask me if want to create a site with that name and ask for email.

    Can you please tell HOW can I properly create a site?
    CAN YOU GUYS TEST IT by going to my site?
    If it is not WP-SIGNUPS then where?

    Be calm. Don’t shout, please.

    There are multiple ways to make a new site.

    1) The Admin makes it from the back end.
    2) A registered user makes it by going to and making a site
    3) A new user makes one when they register for their account.

    I may be forgetting one… All are valid tests, but each one is a little different.

    Look in wp_blogs. What’s listed there?

    under wp_blogs is the main domain only

    Let me tell you again what i do. It seems the system creates the user only…now, how can they create a blog/site?

    In dashboard i do not see any option

    Then your database DOES NOT have full permissions or it’s not being written to.

    Yes, I know you said it does. Double, triple, check that the ID used in your wp-config.php file has full, 100%, do everything permissions to the DB listed in your wp-config.php file.

    All. Everything. Even delete.

    Admins can make new sites at

    There are two links there Create a New Site | Create a New User

    Go to Network Admin -> Settings. Change your registration options.

    Right now you have it set to username only.

    So no wonder people don’t get a blog.

    ANDREA was right! Thank you guys! you ROCK!

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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