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    The problem is not with WordPress per se, but with my hosting situation. And what I want to know is how I can work around it.

    The site is part of a church diocese server and wordpress was installed for me by the technology director. For security reasons, the diocese will not allow subsites to create their own folders and, by extension, it does not allow software such as wordpress to create folders.

    My question is this – is there any way to add pages and posts whose urls reside in the top level folder? For instance, if I selected post name on the permalinks settings page, would that solve my problem? If archives would be a problem, can archives be suppressed or lodged in the top level folder?

    I created the site so that the director of the program “EfM” could maintain it mostly himself, with help from me when he needed it. The manual site I created is woefully out of date.

    Hope there’s an answer for me. Thanks ahead.

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    the directories you see in URLs (except for media in wp-content) are all virtual. Pages and posts do not exist in directories.

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