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  • Hey! I’m here to ask for help about something happening on my website created with WordPress.
    This post was originally created in spanish but no one answered so I’m asking for help here. Thank you guys!
    First, enter here: to guide with my problem, I might not explain myself good.
    My theme has a feature that is showing the user gravatar besides any post in the homepage, and inside the single post. If the user doesn’t have a gravatar, is just shown the silhouette of a person (default.jpg). The theme feature just grabs the gravatars, I don’t know yet if adding an image on the profile with a plugin (and changing the profile image) will work, because in the feature say specifically “user Gravatar”.
    As you can see in the site, in the homepage (latest posts) appears the boxes with the gravatars, but every post appear with the default.jpg image, and I know that the “WebAlAzar” user has a correct gravatar that is shown in the profile (on the admin) and entering any post of that user you will see the gravatar before the post. I also know that the “Comunidad” user has a gravatar too, but that one is not shown either on the homepage or the single posts of that user. Posts by WebAlAzar or Posts by Comunidad.
    Searching the problem (because that silhouette is not supposed to show there) I entered the Code Editor of the Theme, and I found some functions about that that might work:
    function ot_post_gravatar( $R12298ACFAF2E57E920C1549CDD7F10C3=null ) { $R29690F72CF5CB031E791583DA54D087A = 40; if (is_null( $R12298ACFAF2E57E920C1549CDD7F10C3 )) { $R12298ACFAF2E57E920C1549CDD7F10C3 = &$R29690F72CF5CB031E791583DA54D087A; } $REB27EB6E7E94A33B538EC1A084110179 = get_option( 'ot_use_author_gravatar' ); if (empty($REB27EB6E7E94A33B538EC1A084110179)) { return false; } elseif ($REB27EB6E7E94A33B538EC1A084110179 == 'false') { return false; } global $authordata; $RD68924A494FE66FF091AA12202B2F310 = '' . md5($authordata->user_email) . '.jpg?s=' . $R12298ACFAF2E57E920C1549CDD7F10C3; $R273AC57C7CB899EED8313DE5EA899717 = urlencode( get_option('home') . "/wp-content/themes/one-theme/img/default.jpg" ); $RD68924A494FE66FF091AA12202B2F310 .= '&default=' . $R273AC57C7CB899EED8313DE5EA899717; $RE82EE9B121F709895EF54EBA7FA6B78B = '<div class="gravatar"><img height="' . $R12298ACFAF2E57E920C1549CDD7F10C3 . '" width="' . $R12298ACFAF2E57E920C1549CDD7F10C3 . '" src="' . $RD68924A494FE66FF091AA12202B2F310 . '" alt="' . $authordata->name . '" /></div>'; echo $RE82EE9B121F709895EF54EBA7FA6B78B

    We can see here two functions: ot_post_gravatar & ot_use_author_gravatar
    The first function is related but I think that one is related to the gravatar in the single post (the bigger one).
    And as you can see in

    '.jpg?s=' . $R12298ACFAF2E57E920C1549CDD7F10C3; $R273AC57C7CB899EED8313DE5EA899717 = urlencode( get_option('home') . "/wp-content/themes/one-theme/img/default.jpg" )

    there might be a typing error that doesn’t allows to see the gravatar but the default image.
    If you PLEASE can help me to rewrite that so the custom gravatar is shown on mi website I’ll be so thankful.
    I think the information I gave you was enough, but if is something missing please tell me.
    If you have any solutions I will inmediately test them.

    Thanks a lot!

    By the way, sorry if my english is not understable, I try to do my best so tell me if you don’t understand anything.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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