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[Resolved] Problems because calendar "is not a page"

  • Hello.
    I just installed Events Calendar and see that Events “is not a page” in my WordPress.
    My problem is that with my theme, I can assign a picture to each page. This picture appears at the top of it, and on top of the image, the name of the page.
    Events Calendar appears without image (black bar), and the title of the page is the title of the first event ….
    In the forum I read that indeed is not a pages, and does not work with shortcodes, so I can not embed the calendar on one of my pages …
    What I can do?
    Thank you


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  • Plugin Author leahkoerper


    Modern Tribe Support Rep

    Hi GonzaloTGEB,

    Unfortunately we just can’t help with conflicts like this here on the free support forum. Here are some resources that might be helpful for you:

    Themer’s Guide
    Technical Docs

    You also might want to get in touch with the theme developer and see if they can shed some light on the issue.

    Good luck!


    Leah, this isn’t a conflict. The OP is saying that the calendar page is not a WordPress page – and it’s not. Go and look at the Pages on any theme with this plugin installed, and you won’t see a “Calendar” page.

    That’s why a link is provided on the Settings page because people so often can’t find it.

    Because it’s not a WordPress page, the OP can’t treat it like one. I’ve had that problem too and it’s not a theme issue, it’s due to the fact that the calendar page is not a page.

    Plugin Author leahkoerper


    Modern Tribe Support Rep

    Hi Thea,

    My apologies- I was unclear. It is very true that our /events page is a virtual page, so not recognized by some themes. However, we are not able to support our calendar on these kinds of themes, as the virtual page makes them incompatible. We are exploring options for compatibility with these themes, but at this time we are not able to assist with them.


    Leah, it would help a great deal if you offered some suggestions for compatible themes on your website.

    You say “some themes” don’t recognise the virtual page. I’d go so far as to say, most themes don’t recognise the virtual page. I did a huge search through the repository trying to find a theme that worked with the Calendar and had the look and feel I wanted, and I found very few that recognised it at all.

    Plugin Author Brook


    Howdy Thea,

    That is a good question. First a little background info to help inform my answer. The truth is that all themes have to work with virtual pages. Archive, search, category, tag, etc. These are all “virtual pages” in the exact same way that Events are virtual pages. The only difference is that Events is not a default virtual page, it is not included in a stock install of WordPress. Because of this when a theme developer chooses to make universal modifications to “virtual pages” it affects everything that implements those APIs, including plugins like ours. However, if the theme does not have a fallback for pages like ours that are not included in the default problems arise. You have encountered one such problem.

    We are currently working on documenting some themes that have 100% compatibility with TEC. The truth is that most themes are. We work hard to make our plugin broadly compatible. At times we even reach out to specific theme devs and find out if there is anything more we can do to make the plugin compatible. But, even still it is understandable that folks like you want a place to look for themes that are said to be compatible. Here are a couple of lists:

    * http://themeforest.net/attributes/compatible_with/events_calendar_pro

    * http://themeforest.net/attributes/compatible_with/events_calendar

    For each of those themes the theme developer has said the theme is compatible. If on the off chance you do find any incompatibility issues you can report them to the theme developer.

    I hope that helps. Cheers!

    – Brook

    Plugin Author Brook


    Quick follow up, if you would like to see us offer virtual pages as an option pleace voice your support here with a vote: https://tribe.uservoice.com/forums/195723-feature-ideas/suggestions/3926703-shortcode-ability-for-simple-implimentation-on-any

    We have strongly considered this in the past, and frequently discuss it as a theme. Our skiller programmers have pointed out that adding this option has some definite drawbacks, or else we would have implemented it long ago. But, one more voice never hurts. If a feature request is popular enough we always consider it, and of course try to find ways around drawbacks if possible.

    – Brook

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