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  • Hi everyone, I hope someone can assist me with this.

    I used to run WP 2.0.3 for a very long time, it worked pretty well. The only problem was that the html editor didn’t really work. When I entered stuff there it wasn’t accepted or modified strangely. Well, I didn’t really care since I didn’t need that function that badly.

    Now I need it though, so I thought it was time for an upgrade of WordPress. I updated all the files according to the WP website to the latest versions from the 2.3.3 release and used the upgrade page, it reported that the database was updated successfully.

    The site is accessable properly as far as I can tell. However, on the backend side of things there are problems now.

    When I create a new page (just entering some letters for testing) and hit save, it doesn’t really work. It reloads the page, but the content is missing. Viewing the newly created page also shows nothing. The page is there in the index, and the name I entered is shown too, but there is no content.

    Clicking on the “code” tab doesn’t do anything either. It just doesn’t react to it.

    When I click on the image button it opens the small image window. However, I don’t have an OK button or anything. Hitting enter doesn’t work either. The close button in the upper right doesn’t work either. I can click on it ten times and nothing happens. I can’t get that window to disappear other than by reloading the whole page.

    That’s only what I discovered so far, I’m sure there is more stuff broken, and I hope that it’s all caused by one thing. I think it’s somehow related to java script.

    Can anyone help me? I know next to nothing about web development, I propably can’t fix any code problems on my own 🙁

    Any help is really appreciated.

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