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    Hey there,

    First of all: thanks for the great plugin.

    I have updated to 1.24 and now I am having some problems. The initial state is fine. I’ve set it to appear after 10 seconds and that works.

    But the Time Between Firing

    Popup will fire only once every X minutes and only once per pageload. is not working properly on Firefox and Chrome in some cases. It just randomly works and sometimes it doesn’t.

    I’ve tried to open a new page (a post) and waited for a minute (cause I’ve set it to 1 minute) and it does not show a pop-up at all. Nothing happens. And after the minute is over, you try a new page and than it works…. so random.

    The interesting part is… it works with Safari.

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  • Plugin Author Chris Hammond


    Hey there! Thanks so much for using our plugin 🙂

    Are you saying that you have the Time Between Firing set to 1 minute and when you go to a page on your site, it loads the popup after 10 seconds (which you’ve set for the timer), but then you sit and wait for a minute without refreshin and it doesn’t load again in the same page view?

    If that’s the case, it’s not working because you would need to refresh the page for it to load again. The plugin is using a cookie which expires in X Minutes. In your case, 1 minute. So the pop up will only show on the next page load after 1 minute has passed.

    For example: You’ve set the timeout to be 1 minute. You go to a page and the popup slides in as it should. You go to another page 30 seconds later. The popup does not show up because a minute has not passed yet. You stay on that page for 5 minutes and then go to another page. This time, the popup should show.

    Does this answer your question or did i misunderstand the issue?

    Hey Chris, thanks for the quick response. It’s a great plugin, so the pleasure is mine.

    Let me try to be more clear.

    First: I begin at the homepage. I have set the initial setting to 10 seconds. This works. After ten seconds, it shows me a pop-up. (At the first page)

    Now… I click on a random post, somewhere on the page.

    I would expect that there will be another pop-up, 1 minute after this page has loaded (the second page, that is).

    But: this doesn’t work everytime. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.

    Maybe I don’t understand the working, that could be it as well, but I would want to know why and how it works haha.

    Plugin Author Chris Hammond


    Okay, I think I understand what you’re expecting to happen 🙂

    I may need to re-word the explanation on the settings page to be more clear…

    The Time Between Firing setting creates a cookie that expires after X minutes.

    When a user goes to a page on your site for the first time, the cookie doesn’t exist so the popup will show X seconds after the page loads.

    At this point, the cookie is created which will expire after X minutes.

    During the time that has been set for the Time Between Firing setting, the user will not see the popup again.

    But once the cookie expires, the entire process starts over… so on the next page load, the popup will show X seconds after the page loads, but then won’t see the popup again for X minutes.

    After X minutes, their next page load with show the popup after X seconds and so on.

    Does that make things a little more clear as to how it works?

    Thank you for your fast response, I appreciate it. I get it… it just works how it should be working.


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