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  • My site was running fine until I installed WP-Backup Manager and I had an issue with a warning at the top of the admin that was annoying after following instructions re install.

    Now when I make a post and click to view post, all I see is a nice blank page.

    Example creating a post results in this:

    But if you goto my main domain you see my whole website?

    I have tried reinstalling wordpress but that hasn’t worked.

    Any ideas why my new posts arn’t showing now?

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  • The strange thing is I have many private posts which seem fine when I hit the link to here:

    I can see all those posts showing as admin, but when I click into a post to adjust it and preview it, it doesn’t show? Almost like the preview function has been affected?

    I also installed Better Delete Revisions plugin and removed some revisions but have disabled these plgins and nothing seems to work.

    Things I have done:

    Exported my pages and content to my HD

    A restore of the database with file that was backed up prior to using DB Backup Manager. There was a DB error but it was just somethig about a syntax error on a link I had created on a page some months ago. When I navigated to the website all contents had been deleted.

    Reinstalled WordPress from admin panel

    After this imported the file that I had exported and had all my content back, but the menu had tripled itself, there were three of everything link wise. I had to deletes some menu items.

    It’s back to where it was before I started and none of that has fixed the issue, so can only assume that the issue existed bedore the backup made this evening. When I check the other backup folders in my email client, all the zip foldera are empty?

    I had another backup program set up to backup nightly and email me the file, but those xip folders contain nothing? So I can’t use those at the moment to restore to an earlier take my blog further back. The plugin I had set up to do that was Keep Backup Daily, but obviously it wasnt working?

    If you goto:

    you will see a featured post. Click on the title to the featured post and you will get a blank page.

    Just wondering if this is at all fixable or will I need to delete my database and start from scratch?

    If I delete my database and back up my images and data, then create a new database and inport the exported file as well as placing my images back in the folders will the blog be as it is now or is there something else I should download before I delete the DB?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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