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Problems After Moving to a New Host

  • Hi,
    I just moved my site from one host to another. The name of the site is http://mellowhumor.com.

    Here is what I am seeing. When I go to http://mellowhumor.com I get redirected to http://mellowhumor.com/mellow/public_html/mellow. This is not where the site files are located. The page displays Error 404 : Not Found but it displays with my active theme. If I click on one of the menu items on one of the pages other than home, it takes me to that page but without my theme.

    If I go to http://mellowhumor.com/wp-admin the site looks fine with all pages accessible and with the proper theme.

    There must be a setting somewhere that I didn’t change when I moved the files but I can’t seem to find it. Can you suggest where I can look?


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