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  • maggiemae22


    I think this plugin is exactly what I’m looking for – except I can’t get it to work.
    I’ve installed it via the WordPress backend and activated.
    But then I’m met with several problems:
    1) I can’t choose a cover image. I upload an image and select it but it doesn’t seem to be “accepted” or “logged in” so when I look at the page, I’ve got the outline of the calendar but no picture.

    See here:

    Is there maybe a restriction on how large the picture can be? Because mine’s pretty large (6000 x 4000 – although I’ve also tested with a smaller one 1200 x 800 to the same result.)

    2) If I try to shuffle the days, I get the following message:

    Warning: require_once(../../../../../wp-load.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /homepages/3/d357578729/htdocs/home/wp-content/themes/ev-ibb/lib/shortcode/eventsCalendar.php on line 4

    Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ‘../../../../../wp-load.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php5.4′) in /homepages/3/d357578729/htdocs/home/wp-content/themes/ev-ibb/lib/shortcode/eventsCalendar.php on line 4
    I’m afraid I’ve no idea what it means.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Plugin Author Dominik Schwind


    Hi Maggie,

    thanks for trying our advent calendar! I’ll try to find time to diagnose this more closely as soon as possible – earliest for that might be Sunday, though.

    From a first glance at least the second problem looks like an incompatibility problem with your theme. The error message doesn’t look like anything we’ve seen so far with the plugin and it does mention a file within the theme folder.

    Do you see the image in the administration screen? Like on the screenshot here? Does it show up in the WordPress media library?



    Hi Dominik,
    thanks for the quick reply!

    I was afraid that the error message might have something to do with the theme or the WordPress version or something related to the page itself and not your plugin. If that’s the case then I guess I’ll just use the other option of having the days appear in the regular order because unless this turns out to be easy to fix I don’t feel like messing with the theme (cos someone else designed and developed that and I’m afraid I might mess everything up).

    As to the other problem concerning the cover image: No, it never appears in the administration screen. I uploaded it to my media library as per usual with no problems and it does show up there. But when I click on “choose image” in the administration screen and then select that (or any picture for that matter, I’ve tried a few different ones) it doesn’t seem to get selected – never appears the way it does in the screenshot and the button also still says “choose image” and not “edit” or “choose another image” as it does in the screenshot.

    Plugin Author Martin Schneider


    Hi Maggie,

    is there some kind of errormessage when you select the image?

    I don’t think there is any relation to the size of the original image. But choosing one that is about 1000px wide would be enough.

    I’ve been testing the plugin with many different themes, but your problem never occured to me. Is it downloadable somewhere, so that I could try it out?

    – Martin

    Hi Martin,
    thanks for your answer.
    There’s no error message or anything that could tell me and us what the problem is. What happens when I select an image in the media library is: nothing happens. It’s as if the selection of the image doesn’t come through. I’ve tried selecting images of different sizes but that doesn’t seem to be the source or solution of the problem because the result’s always the same: nothing.

    The theme, I believe, has been created/designed specifically for this page (though not by me) so I’m afraid it’s not possible for you to try this. Sorry.

    Plugin Author Martin Schneider


    Good morning Maggie,

    debugging this from the distance is Not easy.

    Are you familiar with using the Developer Tools of a browser? You can open them by right-clicking on the page and choosing „Inspect Element“ or something similar in Firefox or Chrome.

    Please do so before choosing an image. After trying to choose, take a look at the „console“-tab in the Developer Tools. Of there any red error-messages please copy them for me.

    – Martin

    Thank you so much for trying to help me out!

    There are several – more than 99 – red error messages in the console tab.
    They read:

    SEC7111: HTTPS-Sicherheit beeinträchtigt durch×200.jpg

    And they seem to feature many/most of the images uploaded in the library, including the one I tried to select as the cover image (which isn’t the one mentioned in the error message I pasted above).
    Seems very mysterious to me..

    Thanks again!

    Plugin Author Martin Schneider


    That message seems to relate to your website data not beeing transfered via a secure protocol. I don’t think that this problem is connected to our plugin. I’m working in an insecure environment locally and can not reproduce that error.

    It seems to me, as if there is something muddled up with your WordPress. That can happen, when themes and plugins oder plugins among each other do not work together correctly.

    I’m sorry, but I don’t think that we can help you from our side. You should talk to your administrator, especially about implementing a ssl certificate to transfer your website via https.

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