• Hi, I’m developing a new version of the site sust.earth but first I’m preserving the original version at was.sust.earth, which involved cloning all the files and cloning the WP database but changing sust.earth -> was.sust.earth everywhere.

    Everything works on the cloned version except some aspects of ultimate member. When I log in as “Foo”, the login menu item changes to “You (Foo)” as you’d expect, but its link has changed to https://was.sust.earth/user/ — not https://was.sust.earth/user/foo/, as you’d expect.

    Also, when I view the account page directly after login, “view profile” links correctly to https://was.sust.earth/user/foo, but when I click on it there’s an infinite redirect.

    In case it’s relevant, somehow my default login form disappeared after the cloning – but I made it exactly what it is in the original. The other forms seem to be the same as they were.

    Any idea what I’ve failed to take account of? I kept the same versions of everything (including Ultimate Member which is 2.7).

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    Hello @timbergski

    Please navigate to wp-admin > settings > permalink and click on “Save” button without making any changes. Doing this will refresh rewrite rules and can fix the issue.

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    Thanks, but that doesn’t fix it. The permalink setting correctly shows the new domain. The .htaccess file has been written but does not (of course) mention the domain.

    Where else is there state that might have been corrupted? I copied the files along with their ownership and permissions, but maybe that didn’t work somehow and there’s a mismatch elsewhere in the file system?

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    Hello, are you able to help me with this any more? I appreciate that it might be difficult to diagnose, but pointers to where relevant state (corrupted?) might be stored would be appreciated. Thanks.




    You have the UM guide about creating staging sites here


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    Thanks but I’ve staged / migrated sites many times before, and I’m familiar with the procedures. Everything in my cloned site work except for the UM plugin bug I’ve reported.

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