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    I updated 3 of my sites to 3.1.4 and now they do not work. The 2 that are still on 3.1.3 are fine however.

    On one the update hung and timed out, and this is the problem I am getting with many functions since then, requests hang for up to 10 minutes and then time out.

    I downloaded 3.1.4, uploaded everything except for the wp-content folder, reverted to the TwentyTen theme etc. The only plugin I have active right now is Akismet, to prevent dozens of spam comments from being left.

    I have debug on, and can’t see any debug statements on the screen, however my host (POWWEB) cgi error log is showing the following:

    PHP Warning: Unknown: open(/var/php_sessions/sess_e4508d865501b6179887f297dc53528e, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in Unknown on line 0

    I have no idea what is causing this. Any help would be much appreciated.

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  • Whether this helps or not, after trying to add/update a post for example, I get this timeout message. It may be coming from my ISP (

    The requested URL could not be retrieved

    While trying to retrieve the URL:

    The following error was encountered:

    Zero Sized Reply

    Squid did not receive any data for this request.
    Generated Mon, 04 Jul 2011 06:06:15 GMT by (squid)

    I find it odd I’m the only one having this problem. If not me, the theme I am using (Quickpress 1.4) or my host (POWWEB), then I am at a loss.

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    Do a manual upgrade by using FTP or whatever file management application your host provides.

    Seems like you are missing some files


    Yes I did this yesterday evening, manually uploaded everything except wp-content, even made sure I had the latest wp-config.php since my original was missing a few new variables.

    I just did some checking and things seem to be working ok again, at least when I access 2 of my sites from work.

    When accessing from home 7 hours ago, the first was still locking up, and the second inaccessible, would not load.

    Since I had a timeout while upgrading to 3.1.4 in the first place, and the troubles did not appear immediately, but seemed to coincide with a maintenance session at my host, I have been wondering if the problem was due to them changing something.

    Their support forums didn’t show anyone else with problems, but maybe they fixed something.

    I wondered if my issues could be related to caching / temp files in Firefox, but I did clear my cookies and temp files yesterday several times.

    Guess when I get home tonight I will see if all is well there.

    Don’t you just hate it when you can’t figure out what is wrong! I can only do so much lateral thinking without going into a complete panic.

    Moderator keesiemeijer



    It can wel be that your host is having some issues. Ask their support forum.

    I did get some timeout messages which might have come from my ISP as well. Could explain why I can access the site from work but not home.

    At least (touch wood) the site appears to be working again.

    A late add on…

    My domains all got hacked on this host in the last month and a nasty bot was installed.

    I tried multiple times to remove it and within hours it was back.

    In the end I had to delete all the WordPress code for all sites, and re-install one by one.

    I am wondering if these problems 6+ months ago were when the base64 scripts were injected and the problems did not become evident immediately.

    So a warning to anyone who reads this – if your site begins to act strangely all of a sudden, try right clicking and view Page Source. make sure there are no strange scripts showing up, especially in Index.php files.

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