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  1. andresrammi
    Posted 4 years ago #

    HI, I'm using the News Magazine Theme 640, and using different colors than it came with, now i need to create a layer behind my text on my page templates.

    I create dthe <div> tag but now my side bar is not staying up on the same spot anymore.

    example of page:
    - http://braziliannewsonline.com/?page_id=402

    on this page for example i have the new div tag with the gray , behing the text, and now my sidebar is under the gray area, not on top of it , like the banner in the right side.

    any help?

    this is on the template for the pages, , then after i will need to work on the template for pages with no side bar, but i think that will be easier.since there is no side bar to worry about.

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