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  • Hi,

    So I’m now in tears and tearing my hair out…I really really need help. I have had every problem under the sun with setting up this website and I’m not new to wordpress either having used it for years. This is the first time I’ve bought a domain name and bought web hosting too, which is perhaps where I went all wrong.

    I can’t seem to install any new themes. I try to install ‘iridiumous’ and the whole thing just appears as really poor text on a plain white background. Trying to install astatinize was even worse as it just said I then had a ‘fatal error’ and I couldn’t navigate at all after that…I had to uninstall wordpress altogether then reinstall it to get rid of that. What am I doing wrong? Please someone help me!! I have this website due for my masters tomorrow morning and I’m going to have absolutely nothing to show…I not a computer person at all and this is driving me crazy.


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  • Okay where are you at right now with it?

    Uninstalling WordPress is not the answer when you get fatal errors while installing themes. FTP’ing into your hosting and going to the wp-content/themes directory and deleting the theme is the answer.

    The really poor text on plain white background sounds like the css wasn’t being loaded.

    Are these themes on the repository? If they are we need to get them off the repo until they are fixed.

    .. So clue me in though on what we can do to help you out.

    I am not seeing either of those themes on the repository. When you are downloading themes off the net you are taking that risk of them being flawed. The themes that are hosted here are checked by a review team that goes over them to allow the best quality to be able to be hosted here.

    If you have a basic WordPress site up at the moment, then you are almost there.

    Go here and pick a theme you like. You can either download it, unzip then upload via FTP or make note of the name and go to your theme install in the WP back end.

    Activate the theme and add content.

    OP, is this what you installed?

    My suggestion is to never install a theme from Padd Solutions.

    Thanks everyone! I’m really learning the hard way. Yeah, a_johnson, that’s the one…padd solutions is crap as I’m learning.

    Deleted the themes and hopefully the thing will work fine now. So essentially the problem is with the themes themselves, so I’m going to try to stop being clever and just go back to the wordpress ones. Thankyou everyone!! You’ve been brilliant and very patient

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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