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  • I’m trying to update to WordPress version 3.4.1, and update my themes. In fact I cannot do any kind of update. I get an error message when WordPress tries to connect to my Earthlink web server. I type in the correct Hostname, FTP Username, FTP Password, etc and then it gives the error: “ERROR: There was an error connecting to the server, Please verify the settings are correct.” I have everything correct. I’ve checked and triple checked. Does anyone know why WordPress won’t connect to my Earthlink server?

    (yes, I’ve tried updating manually, doesn’t seem to work either. everything else is working fine.)

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  • Hi,

    When you try to update manually it fails; i.e. you tried to connect via FTP? If so are you able to connect via FTP?

    It might be your FTP connection details are wrong.

    Thanks Johnb81. When I connect manually it is successful. Yes, I can connect via FTP and I can upload files via FTP. All good. However, when inside WordPress and I’m trying to activate what I have uploaded it won’t let me. Whether I’m trying to do an update automatically inside WordPress, or manually uploaded and then activated with WordPress, I always end up at the same screen inside WordPress that says: “ERROR: There was an error connecting to the server, Please verify the settings are correct.” The error therefore seems to be something inside WordPress and nothing to do with my web server.

    Hi Andrew,

    What about WordPress upgrades? There is nothing to activate when you upgrade WordPress manually unless there is a db change. Does it still fail?

    Hi John, thank you for the suggestion of a manual WordPress update. Maybe that will solve my problems. I will try to update it tonight and let you know if it resolves everything.

    Same issue for me. 🙁

    I’d rather not do the updates manually as it is the best way (for me) to do more arm than good.

    I noticed Cyberbuck can only connect to the FTP server when the ftp url has NO “ftp.” before the domain name so it looks like: but WP can only try to connect when the ftp url looks like:

    Same issue here. I have WP clients on a variety of hosts but have never run into this problem with any service but Earthlink. The math here is pretty damn frustrating…Earthlink installs it their way, yet it won’t communicate with their server. Ersh… Anyone have new input on this topic?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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