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    I am having a problem doing the import from my blog. I created the export file, went to the Import menu, and I see this: Upload your WordPress eXtended RSS (WXR) file

    The export file is in XML. When I attempted the import, it stopped at 6.9 MB and I got this message:The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.

    I changed the file size in the php.ini to 10 MB. Does anyone have any suggestions? My blog is Thank you.

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  • Oh, sorry, the import didn’t get to 6.9. I was watching it in NetPerSec and forgot to hit the reset data button. I just tried it again and it died at 1.9 MB.

    Are you using the WP plugin that knows about WXR files?

    Yes, I uploaded both the xmlmigrate and .php files. I went to my Plugin menu and activated WordPress XML Export.

    And to be clear: on your blog, under Import you see “WordPress” as an option?

    Yes. I have this: Import posts from a WordPress export file

    Ok, thanks. Just wanted to make sure. 🙂

    So, how big is the xml file that you’re importing? Do you have access to php.ini (or your host’s support) to see what the upload_max_filesize directive is?

    This is the point where someone brighter than I usually pops in and says, “oh, you can override that with this interestingly obscure command in .htaccess…” Hopefully…

    The original filesize in the php.ini was 2M. We increased it to 10M, which didn’t make any difference.

    I found another question in the forum about this, and it said to put “php_value upload_max_filesize 10M // max size in Mb” in the .htaccess file. I tried that, and it crashed the blog, and the server added a line saying that php directives go in the php.ini file. Do I need to contact BlueHost about restarting the web service?

    If you increased it in php.ini, I think you need to restart apache to pick that up (I think?).

    All I have in my BlueHost cPanel is a link to Apache Handlers. phpAdmin had a Restart, but access was denied. So contact BlueHost then?

    I reckon, yeah. Not sure what else to suggest beyond that.

    Thanks for your time, Handy. I’ll leave the thread open for a day or two in case anyone else picks up on it and has a suggestion. And I’ll open a support ticket with BlueHost.

    I got the impression that moving from to was going to be a few easy clicks, so it’s frustrating to find it not so easy to do.

    I called BlueHost, and the problem is not with WP but with BlueHost having a limit in the phpAdmin file of 7 KB for transfers. I have to manually upload the XML file to the root directory/public html and then request that BlueHost install it.

    Hope this helps other users who are with BlueHost.

    Well, I’m back, because I am impatient that way. I manually ftp’d the XML file to my host to get around the upload limit. How do I point the importer to an XML file already on the server, if that’s even possible?

    How do I point the importer to an XML file already on the server, if that’s even possible?

    That’s a great question. Here’s one thing to try: When you go to the WordPress importer, instead of clicking the button to browse to a file on your PC, put in the url to the file on your server ( Maybe that would work?

    If not I only see two options:

    1) Get BlueHost to let you upload a larger file.

    2) Hack the WP importer plugin to point to a file in the local file system.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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