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  • Hi there.

    I am having a small problem with getting Yoast SEO to work along side GD Press Tools.

    I am look to move from Platinum SEO Pack to Yoast, as i been told its all round better.
    But when i install Yoast SEO, GD Press Tools (another plugin) does not work as it should and keeps saying:

    Working, Please wait.
    Are You sure? Operation is not reversible

    at the bottom of every setting page for GD Press Tools.

    Here is a screenshot:

    I spoken to the developer of the GD Press Tools and this is what they said:

    It is very likely that the plugin is adding its own javascript where it should not do it, causing problems to GD Press Tools. Plugins should load JS files only on own pages, not messing with other plugins.

    So then, has anyone got any ideas one what could be up with it and how to fix it, as i dont really have a clue where to start.


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  • Hmm.

    Anyone know where i can contact Joost de Valk direct, as it looks like no one on here knows the problem. So my only hope now is to try and contact Joost de Valk direct BUT i can not find his contact details.

    Is this plugin still supported?? or am i wasting my time trying to get this to work and to stick with Platinum SEO.

    It be a shame if its no longer supported, as i was going to buy there premium plugin Video SEO, but it requires Yoast SEO Plugin in order for it to work. So they be missing out on a sale if they do still support it but not willing to helping us.

    Dear Yoast team

    I like to thank you for the GREAT no support of this plugin, me and many others (as you can see on this forum) have asked for support and never got any official responded back from the support team.

    So i like to thank you believe it or not, because you have saved me from potentially a lot of hard work and site down time, for something that MIGHT have helped increase our seo and it would not have been by that much in any case. as we do us another SEO plugin that we would have moved away from (even though we been very happy with it for over 2 years).

    Then this is the BIG BIG thank you i would like to say.
    You have saved me from wasting $129.00 on your Video SEO plugin.

    The lack of support you have given to the wordpress SEO plugin has put me off from paying $129.00 on your Video SEO plugin for all my sites, if you finally did decided to help me fix the problem, because it shows what type of support i would get.

    So a big thank you for opening my eye to Yoast.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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