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  • Hi,

    I have a problem with panopress.

    Firstly I tried to embed html file – it works OK, however on IE doesn’t let me do full screen. Other browsers are OK with a full screen.

    Then I tried embed xml file and… it is a very strange. It works on my mobile phone with Android, but on the IE or Chrome I can see ONLY a white rectangle – my test website is here:

    I found that I should check links inside of my xml file but… I can’t see there anything wrong.
    Is anyone more clever than me and help me please? 🙂

    To the author of the plugin: GREAT JOB!!!

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  • This is a code from my website:

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    <!-- PanoPress [1.2] -->
    <div class="pp-embed" style="position:relative;">
    <div id="pp_0" style="width:640px; height:510px"><p></p></div>
    <script type="text/javascript">panopress.embed({"id":"pp_0","type":"flash","version":"9.0.0","viewer":"pano2vr","width":"640px","height":"510px","title":null,"alt":null,"button":true,"panobox":false,"preview":"","file":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/panoramas\/test\/panorama.swf","params":{"base":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/panoramas\/test\/","wmode":"auto"}})</script>
    <noscript><div class="pp-error-msg"><strong>Error</strong>Javascript not activated</div></noscript>
    <!-- /PanoPress -->
    Plugin Contributor Sam Rohn



    your pano does not display properly on any mac browser i tested either, safari, firefox, or chrome

    most likely this is due to XML path issues, it seems to be trying to load a file at which cannot be found, try using absolute paths in your xml to make sure it is finding your files properly

    otherwise, please see the panopress help guide on the panopress forum

    PanoPress Help & Troubleshooting FAQ



    Hi 🙂

    Firstly thank you for your help. Yes, I checked all paths in my website code however I missed the fact, that there is a link to swf file.

    The panorama worked perfectly on my Android 🙂

    What is strange, the link to the swf file is generated by panopress, not by the Pano2VR.

    I always thought that the idea of html5 is to stay away from flash.

    Ok, I generated separately a swf file and now it works fine on desktops and on android 🙂

    Here are files generated by pano2vr. I do NOT need a swf file if I open a html file, where in this html file is embed xml file.

    So I still do not understand why I need to generate separately swf file and why it works everywhere WITHOUT swf file when I embed html file through PanoPress…

    Also, you can ask me – ok – if when you embed html file and it works ok for you, why are you asking for embed xml file? The answer is simple – when I embed html file the window with my panorama is not perfectly pasted to the WP page and I need to use width / height paramaters in PanoPress to adjust the size of the panopress window and it depends on the screen/monitor resolution…

    Solotnio with TWO files:
    – swf
    – html works, but it sounds stupid 🙂

    Anyway, thank you very much for your help again!!!!!!!! I will still monitor this thread for updates if anyone is able to help me.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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