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    I have been happily using WP-Optimize on a website, say URL https://aaaa.xx. To test software changes I have a copy of the site at, say, https://bbbb.xx.

    Both websites were at WPO version 3.2.3 but I recently updated the test site to version 3.2.6. Since that moment I received error messages from the Cron Deamon on the website server like:

    [ERROR] : /home/account/domains/bbbb.xx/public_html/wp-content/wpo-cache/config/config-bbbb.xx.php is not present

    I checked and I found that there does exist a folder wpo-cache/config, but it contains a file config-aaaa.xx; not config-bbbb.xx. Furthermore, the contents of that file, a json-encoded text string, includes a definition


    I think that you should not use this kind of ‘hard-coded’ site information; it is asking for trouble and most likely unnecessary.

    I thought a little further about this and realized that if I would save the Cache-settings again on the “Cache > Page cache”, “Cache > Preload” and “Cache > Advanced settings” pages, the file config-bbbb.xx would probably be created. And, yes, that worked!

    However, I found that the settings in this config file for WPO 3.2.6 are somewhat different from the settings for WPO 3.2.3. Some settings have been removed and there are some new settings. Or, maybe, my Cache “save”-actions were not sufficient; I should have done something else additionally?

    It seems that installing the upgrade does not update this config file automatically and I also found no information that you should do that yourself after running the upgrade (and what to do exactly!).

    All this is not good.

    Best regards and keep up the good work!

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  • @henk-barreveld I’ll check this with our development team and update you soon.

    Thank you for your time and patience.

    Plugin Support Venkat Raj



    Like yourself, some users copy / migrate one site to another location using, say updraftplus. In that case because of incorrect config the caching won’t work, but it also won’t throw any error. In version 3.2.6 we fixed that by adding an error log entry .

    It is not hard coded but generated on the fly using database entries and writing it to a file. This is need, since caching serves static html files (even before fully loading WordPress files) and it needs to know what are the cache settings preferred by user.

    Yes, there are some settings changes to improve performance and page load speed.

    I couldn’t fully understand what your question is, so, could you please explain it further?

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    Hi @webulous,

    Thank you for your reply. Please let me explain a little more…

    I mentioned (well, intended to make you aware of :-)) three issues:

    1. Both the config name and the config contents include the website domain. This makes the config unusable after migrating the site to another location. However, looking at the config settings, I have the strong impression that it could very well be used on the migrated website as well.
    2. You write that the config is generated on the fly, but in my experience it is only generated when you save the Cache-settings. The fact that there is no (suitable) config is unclear to the user (website manager). It is only because I configured my server to send me an e-mail on cron-output that I noticed this error message – and the error message does not make clear that I should re-save the Cache-settings.
    3. The fact that settings in config can be different after installing an upgrade means that after an upgrade you have to rebuild the config by re-saving the Cache-settings. That is not clear.
    4. It seems to me that all of this could be handled by simply having WPO create a new config automatically (!) if it is missing or after a plugin update.

    Plugin Support Venkat Raj


    @henk-barreveld We’ll make necessary changes in the upcoming release

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    Hello @webulous,

    Thank you for your immediate reply and quick action!

    I am looking forward to the new release. For the time being I have re-installed version 3.2.3.

    Best regards,
    Henk Barreveld

    @henk-barreveld We will update you as soon as the new version is released.

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