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  • i had a WP 1.5 blog…i was getting TONS of comment spam so i dumped my database and found a line that looks like this:

    Dumping data for table wp_options
    44 0 moderation_keys Y 1

    those IP addresses were the ones that were/are spamming me (plus or minus a few…, etc.).

    i didn’t know how to fix it to make everything right, so i really couldn’t do the upgrade with a bad database. so i made a new database and installed WP2.

    i moved all the files to a brand new folder on my server and changed the info in the old wp-admin/edit.php to reflect the change (blog address, WP address, etc.).

    then i moved all the files for my new blog directly to the server (not in a folder) and changed all the info for the blog and WP addresses to reflect it.

    well, now it won’t let me post to the new one, and when i try to go directly to the admin page for the new one ( it redirects to the old one (, but then everywhere in the old blog’s dashboard redirects to the front page unless i manually type it in (even though the links point to the right page, it won’t work unless it’s done manually). and the dashboard on the old site looks like the WP2 dashboard but it says 1.5.2 at the bottom.

    can ANYBODY help me? thank you!

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