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  • Recyclart



    It seems that your plugin is modifying the excellent cache plugin WP-Rocket and with WP for AMP activated some options of the WP-Rocket plugin are no more activable (like minification/concatenation of JS or CSS files). Is that something you will correct as I don’t understand why your plugin is interacting with WP-Rocket and refuse to define some WP-Rocket options that are really useful to accelerate not AMP pages.

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  • Caspar Hübinger


    Hi there,

    WP Rocket support rep here. 🙂

    We’re currently seeing an increase in support tickets from customers who understandably get confused, because they try activating certain options in WP Rocket, and then those options seem to “not get saved”. In fact they automatically get deactivated right away by this plugin.

    We understand this behavior happens by design and is intended to ensure compatibility with WP Rocket, and we sure appreciate the initiative.

    However, it’d be great if a next iteration of this plugin would somehow inform users via UI that some options in WP Rocket cannot be changed, because this plugin prevents them from being activated.

    @ampforwp Feel free to get in touch in case you need anything from WP Rocket to further improve compatibility, we’ll gladly help out.



    I have same issue. After today’s update for “Accelerated Mobile Pages” plugin, JS error has dissapeared in backend and now options in WP Rocket are saved, but for example CSS & JS concatenation still doesn’t work. All CSS & JS files are loaded separately. Of course I’ve tried refreshing cache many times. If I deactivate “Accelerated Mobile Pages”, then it works. Is this a bug or what am I missing?



    Same here, now the wp-rocket options can be selected in the admin but they are not applied on the output. So, it just a patch to make the option available again in admin but with no effect to the frontend?



    Add me to the list of CSS/JS concatenation not working when AMP for WP is enabled. Latest update fixed the WP-Rocket options in the admin but regardless if they’re checked or not none of the files are being concatenated.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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