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  • I have a self-hosted WordPress blog. When I had my site hosted at, I had that handy-dandy stats graph at the bottom. When the web designer moved me to self-hosting, I lost that. I’ve tried various other programs and none of them do that same thing. I installed the stat plug in and I am getting that red error asking me to put in my API. I did and it says that it’s valid, but that red thing doesn’t go away and I am not sure where to access my stats. Anyone?

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  • If you figure this out, will you let me know the solution? I have posted this question before w/ no answer. I also self-host but have never had the plug-in work. I’ve entered the API, get no red error message, but STILL no stats! I’d love to get this resolved.

    I changed my theme, and my stats plugin works like magic now. Go figure.

    think you’ll find the answer here

    See if your theme folder has a footer.php, then WordPress loads it instead of the default footer.php that comes with WP. And the Stats plugin is called by the default footer.php

    So to make Stats work you must include the WP default footer inside the Theme footer using

    <?php wp_footer(); ?>

    right before the


    This is why when you changed themes, it worked again since the new theme had that bit of code in the footer and the old one did not.

    Should adding the default footer also correct the problem of not calculating the number of visits and posts? All the graphics are on the screen, but it shows no visits or activity during a period when there were visits. I added the default footer but nothing changed. Thank you!

    tnx Dannynic I put the <?php wp_footer(); ?> inside the footer.php file right before </body> </html> and it worked.

    My blogstats worked for 5 months at least. It seemed to have died last night. The busiest day show as Jan 1st 1970!. I deactivated it today and activated it again. still no luck? Any suggestions. It was working perfectly till yesterday.

    My URL is


    The problem sorted itself out by itself and is working perfectly. I love this plugin

    I placed the WP footer inside the footer.php file as described above, but it is still not working. I too show that the busiest day was Jan 1st, 1970! I don’t know what else to do with this.

    The <?php wp_footer(); ?> code additions work well on my sites….


    I just upgraded to wp2.8 and activated the Stats plugin. When I go to my dashboard and try to access the stats display, nothing happens after I enter my access informaiton. I’ve made sure the <?php wp_footer(); ?> is right before the </body> and </html> tags.

    Any idea what may be wrong?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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