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    Using Woocommerce. Have many variations of the same products.

    I am currently struggling with Variations, i need to add multiple variations with multiple options for the single product. You can find it here:

    So, if i have to add the variation details, combination says that i have to add 200+ product details (cost and all). So, all i wanted to know if thr is a plugin or a script to create/manage variations. Or if this can be done using some classes as on WP eCommerce in which we simply need to add the variation category cost like +45, -42 or the percentages.

    One more thing, when i use the auto feature which says “link all variations” it keep on adding the same variations in the slot of 50 but not the remaining combinations.

    Very surprised to see that Woocommerce is not supporting such a feature or may be i am such a lame who can’t see that function in this beautiful Plugin. In fact i agree that the Variations in WC is providing out of the box features but unfortunately not solving my requirement.

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  • First of all, even though you mention it in a couple other topics now, please stop hijacking other peoples topics. It’s rude and not the ‘fastest way to get a Woo Ninja to look at your ticket’. No hard feelings, but please don’t do that any more from now on.

    Back to your case: We have a Product CSV Import Suite extension which currently the fastest way to mass import a lot of variations. We do not allow incremental/relative changes of a variation price yet, but this is on our roadmap (“variations rewrite”) for future releases.

    I understand the reasons now. Will take care in future but i mentioned this in 1 thread only.

    Here is what i have done before your response and it worked. I installed WP eCommerce and then used WPEC to WooCommerce Tool to Transfer the whole thing to Woocommerce, though it worked with some issues but the main purpose was solved.

    Will wait for the ‘incremental/relative changes of a variation price’ functionality. Thanks for your support.

    Hi Yogesh,

    I think we have the same problem however I have more variation than you have now in that product page.

    I have 6 dropdowns, 5 of them is 11 choices. and the last is 10.
    My variation looks like this.

    > Invitation Cards
    – 11 dropdowns/choices

    > RSVP Cards
    – 11 dropdowns/choices

    > Reception Cards
    – 11 dropdowns/choices

    > Thank you cards
    – 11 dropdowns/choices

    > Save the date cards
    – 11 dropdowns/choices

    > Address Label
    – 10 dropdowns/choices

    @mongobread Is all these variations will appear on the same product page? If yes, use X Cart. If no, provide more details.

    After wasting 2 weeks and a lot of resources i had to decide on switching the platform.

    Yes, same product page. Affect pricing as well, in wpec it has increment/decrement price already. But can’t handle the load, Only

    I have been checking out other platforms as well such as prestashop. Can’t handle the load by localhost as well but can go beyond than wpec.

    Thanks for the fast reply 🙂

    @mongobread Thanks, Then i would say you should try x cart. Though if WC was having a increment/decrement the server memory is going to be a constraint.

    Not sure about open cart but you can give it a try too.

    Indeed, I tried w/ WPEC with 3 variatons (11 choices) and it is very slow to show the price. I was wondering even if I manually input the combinations to about (last generation was…) 11,000+

    …the price shows about less than 10 seconds so I think it won’t be good if I have l2 products w/ 6 variations(11 choices)

    Now the next problem in case X-Cart can handle this is adapting the design I have coded in WooCommerce / WP eCommerce (WPEC).

    Yes, thats the most frustrating part, it can’t be done manually.

    The WC process it in a slot of 50 variations but they keep on repeating the same 50 variations every time, i suggested the WC guys on this that WC should pick the remaining variations but as WC is not having variation cost increment/decrement so it merely of any use.

    I just saw x-cart, it seems no free version to test in localhost? Correct? I need to buy beforehand?

    Just give a try to open cart first. I used it few weeks back and it worked for around 100 variations, not sure that how it will respond with your requirements but all we can do is to give a try.

    I see, thanks for showing the door atleast. Now I know I’m not on alone 😀 It’s very frustrating when the creators of the plugin didn’t respond to this requirement.

    *thumbs up*

    Agreed, cheers!

    @mongobread – What did you ever do to handle the large number of variations? I have a millions of variations and am thinking of buying the woocommerce product add-on extension that allows for drop-downs.

    @mnphumphrey If you have large variations then don’t even think about using Woocommerce (though its the best). You should give a try to OpenCart (free and open source).

    Thanks! I’ll look in to it.

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