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  • We need to create a web sitemap (in HTML, to make it easier for the users to navigate through the site, I don’t mean xml sitemap).

    I’ve been using a lot of plugins to display HTML sitemaps of our site, some with no pagination (too long scrolls). So we needed one plugin which offered internal pagination of the sitemap.

    However none of them were working when trying to display other pages, next or last.

    We have this line in .htaccess:

    RewriteRule ^sitemap/([0-9]+)/$ index.php?page_id=4&pg=$1 [L]

    This forces the permalink to show the corresponding rewritten page, i.e:
    would be actually calling this:

    There’s a WP page with ID = 4 in which there’s a call to the sitemap generator plugin, which in turn needs to be passed the var pg in order to know which sitemap page to display.

    We checked the .htaccess rule had no effect until we realized the Permalink Validator plugin was interfering, so after disabling this plugin, the pagination worked smoothly.

    However we need to have something like the Permalink Validator so that any randomly attached request string in the URL is deleted.

    Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated

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