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  • Hi all,

    I have a problem with the object cache of the plugin W3 total cache. Is it possible to exclude one php function from the object cache? Or if not, is it possible to delete stored values from the cache?

    The background of this question: I have multisite with a custom navigation that is the same on all site blogs. Therefore I had to write a php function which gives me the global home URL of the main blog to be able to create links to sub-blogs that always work, not matter in which blog you are. As far as I know there is no variable or function that stores this global home, only the home URL of the current blog is stored. And now, when surfing through those multisite blogs, the cache delivers the old result of my custom function, which leads to an non existing path… But I don’t want to give up on W3TC object cache.

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  • You can add the call to “Non-persistent groups” on the object cache settings tab. You may also want to enable debug mode for object cache to help you get it right the first attempt.

    Unfortunately this does not work. The function call I want to exclude is a custom function, defined in functions.php, just in case this matters.

    Can you paste the code you’re using?

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