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    I set my site up to use the home database, and 1 vip database for the tags blog (blog_id=2).
    The migration worked fine, but WordPress tries to load the wp_2_xxx tables from the home database, instead of the vip1 database, resulting in errors.

    /* Add your configuration here */
    // how many characters of hexidecimal hash
    $shardb_hash_length = 1;
    // what is the prefix of your blog database shards (everything before the hexidecimal hash)
    $shardb_prefix = 'wp_myblog_';
    // set a string to be used as an internal identifier for the dataset
    $shardb_dataset = 'myblog';
    // do you want to put your primary blog (blog_id 1) in its own 'home' database?
    $enable_home_db = true;
    // how many, if any, VIP databases do you have?
    $num_vipdbs = 1;
    // add this if all of your databases are on a local server
    $shardb_local_db = true;

    At the bottom of the db-settings.php page:

    add_vip_blog( 2, 'vip1' ); // tags blog

    WordPress is 3.8.1, Buddypress is 1.9.1

    Is this correct in dp.php:

    // VIP Blog Check.
    // Added by: Luke Poland
    		if ( is_array( $vip_db ) && array_key_exists( $table_blog_id, $vip_db )) {
    			$partition = $shardb_num_db + intval( $vip_db[ $table_blog_id ] );

    considering that $vip_db[ $table_blog_id ] is a string, something like


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Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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