• I’ve identified a very simple and annoying issue with this plugin. Let’s say I have a S3 bucket serving multiple sites. I want each site to have its own folder in the S3 bucket. Ok, easy enough, I set PATH in Offload Media settings to


    Great, everything works fine. Now I create a CNAME with a cloudfront distribution. In the distribution settings, I set the custom domain to point to the folder in the bucket so that I don’t have the folder name in the image urls. So exampledomain.domain.com points to s3.bucket/foldername/

    The intention is that if I visit exampledomain.domain.com/wp-content/uploads/img.img I access the image which is at s3.bucket/foldername/wp-content/uploads/img.img, but Offload Media plugin uses the s3 PATH setting in the CNAME also. There is no way to specific a s3 path for uploads, and then a different path for the CNAME, or to let the CNAME point to the correct S3 folder.

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  • i am using the previous version to version 2.0 (because I am scared to upgrade)

    I have the set up you desire, in the settings under:
    CloudFront or Custom Domain

    I have my cname path, ie:


    Hope that helps.

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