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  • When registered users post on my site, their names end up being hyperlinked to “http://” ie, to nothing. Through wp-admin, I’ve gone to the users page and tried to erase that http://, but even when I do that and save, it mysteriously reappears next time I bring up their profiles.

    Anyone know what’s going on and how to fix it?


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  • I have this problem too. My guess is that one of those million things that’s fixed for 1.5.1 already. I’ll try to dig into the 1.5.1 changelog to see if I can find it.

    Ok, it seems that wasn’t fixed for 1.5.1. But there’s a bug report filed:

    In the notes on that page there’s a solution posted by the bug reporter.

    I tried the fix posted in the notes and it does work in that I can save a user profile without the http:// but it seems WP does som caching because any change made doesn’t reflect on the blog. (This cache problem is noted in the bug report notes as well.)

    Ok, that wasn’t a cache problem at all, it was just me not knowing how WP worked. The reason old comments still has the “http://” is that WP saves this for each comment in the database. So to clear old comments one has to edit the database. (Thanks to Syn that explained this in the bug notes.)

    just caught up with this thread, AdrianB. Thanks for following up. In the end, I did end up delving into the database to fix the problem.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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