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    PROBLEM : With Transposh v0.9.4.0 installed and activated, on WP 3.7 or later, WordPress’s update notifications (for plugins, themes, etc) are effectively disabled.

    QUICK FIX : De-activate Transposh and run Dashboard -> Updates; do any updates, then re-activate Transposh.

    CAUSE : code file = transposh.php …
    In v0.9.4.0, in the filter_wordpress_org_update() method, the setting of $this->do_update_check has been moved inside the if($url= … {} statement – which makes sense. HOWEVER, as of WP3.7, the url for plugin updates has changed from …/update-check/1.0/ to …/update-check/1.1/ and the protocol may also be switched from http to https. This means that the current (v0.9.4.0) test against the url never matches and $this->do_update_check never gets set to true!

    The knock-on effect is in the check_for_plugin_update() method. This method tests $this->do_update_check and if FALSE simply returns; BUT it does *not* return $checked_data! By not returning $checked_data, the update_plugins site transient is wiped out and any potential updates go unnoticed!

    SOLUTION (code changes required to transposh.php) :

    • in the filter_wordpress_org_update() method, change the url test to a preg_match against a pattern that checks for both http & https, and both /1.0/ and /1.1/ (at the end of the url). Alternatively, check the url for something like “”, and for the presence of the transposh plugin in [‘body’][‘plugins’].
    • in the check_for_plugin_update() method, ensure that $checked_data is always returned, regardless of whether Transposh should be checked for updates!

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  • I have attempted to create a ticket for this at Transposh, but their Trac system repeatedly reports an internal error (which I also tried to a create a ticket for!) so I have no idea whether I was successful or not.

    A bit more information…

    Having now read the ‘sticky’ post wrt v0.9.4, and done a bit more investigation on a 2nd site with Transposh installed, it now appears that the problem outlined above (mostly) only occurs on the “full” version ( of Transposh!

    It would seem that the “full” version does not have the fix for the WP3.7 plugin upgrade url. To be fair, it doesn’t pretend to be WP3.7 ready (it’s only marked as tested up to 3.6) but you don’t found that out until you’ve upgraded!

    For reference, if your Installed Plugins page shows the Transposh version as being “0.9.4” then you are running the version downloaded from WordPress svn and you should be fine as long as you leave the “Allow upgrade to full version” switch in Settings alone. If your Transposh plugin shows the version as being “” then you are running the “full” version, and you may experience some problems with updates while the plugin is activated.

    Plugin Author Ofer Wald


    thanks for this information, will fix this as soon as we can,

    next time, please use the contact form on our site, the trac should be working again now,

    really appreciated!

    Plugin Author Ofer Wald


    Thanks wizzud,

    The fix is finally committed into our repository, and release of a fixed version will happen any day now.

    If you want credit for this in the changelog, please contact me and I will be happy to add it,


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