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  • A quick update, the Error Message has now reverted to “The Twitter Feed API settings are incorrect”. Otherwise all the below pertains.


    I am getting a problem with Twitter Feed Pro: Default error message is appearing. The connection error message is pretty constant: “Twitter cannot show tweets right now. Please try again.”

    Now, I am told by my WordPress Admin panel that Version of 2.0.1 of Twitter Feed Pro is available. This seems like good news. So I downloaded and installed it.

    But when I did this, it seemed that I was reverted back simply to the “non-pro” version of 2.0.1, for which I had just paid $20. So now really confused. I then reverted BACK to the pro version, which is the one I am continuing to be stuck on.

    I have triple-checked all my Twitter app settings (these magic Secret codes and tokens and what have you), which were a great palava to set up. Anyway, they all seem to be matching what is in the WordPress Admin panel, but still getting the error message.

    My site is:

    Would really appreciate some guidance on this…!

    Totally stuck!

    Very best wishes,

    Paul Richards
    IT Alternative

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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