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    I’m using Clean Retina theme – does the title of the home page *have* to be displayed at the top of the body copy? Is there a way to remove the bolded heading from the top of the body copy but still keep it as the title?

    I originally set up my WP site using Twenty Twelve then switched to Clean Retina. In Twenty Twelve, I was able to display a bolded heading at the top of the body copy (Seattle-based freelance writer) that was different to the title of the page (Home). But when I switched to Clean Retina, the Home page renamed itself to ‘Seattle-based freelance writer’. I have no idea if I’m making sense – it’s hard to explain…!

    If anyone is able to offer any insight I’d be so grateful – I’m a complete newb (but you guessed that, right?) and am finding it all a bit frustrating:(

    Thanks in advance!

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  • sorry, forgot to add a link to my site!

    Please provide your url

    Apologies! It’s

    I don’t see ” Seattle based Freelance Writer ” on your website . Are you using a cache plugin like w3 total cache, then you need to refresh that cache.

    I had to delete that page as it had switched places with the home page, making the home page second on the tab bar, and I couldn’t figure out how to switch it back. I was planning to add it in again once I’d figured out the title issue. I also tried refreshing the cache like you suggest, but it hasn’t made any difference. The title of the page (Home) still appears at the top of the body copy. Hope that makes sense! Thanks again!

    You can hide that using CSS, but before doing any changes to any theme files — does that theme have a custom CSS option built in?

    Yes I think so – is that Editor?

    It would need to be a custom CSS, not the theme style.css file. If you change things there, the changes will be erased when the theme is updated.

    I see… how do I find out if there’s a custom CSS? (again, apologies for being a total newb at this)

    I just looked at the theme description and it says there is – look under theme options.

    Aha yes I see it! What should I enter in there?

    (and thanks for pointing me in the right direction:)

    Oh good, now we’re talking! Just add this CSS:

    .entry-title {
       display: none;

    That will hide it on all pages — is that what you want?

    Clear your browser cache after making changes too.

    Hooray hooray! You’re wonderful, thank you. Yes that worked. But I just added a second page to test if it would always work and the second page has inserted itself in front of the home page on the top bar…. is there a way of keeping the home page as the furthest left tab? So it goes, Home, About me, etc etc

    (my son’s just woken up from his nap so if I don’t reply for a while please don’t give up on me 😉 I’m so grateful for your help – I am completely lost in all this!)

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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