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  • I use the code so title_divider=”Prof. Dr.,” but it doesn’t work. Where do I make a mistake?

    I have tags like Prof. Dr. Name Surname and I want to hide Prof. Dr. in the listing.

    PS: name_divider=”Name Surname | Prof. Dr.,” does not work either.

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    The issue would be that that’s not how title_divider works. For example:
    [mctagmap title_divider="Prof."] Would ignore the word “Prof.” when sorting and sort Prof. Dr. Name Surname under “D” as designed. See:

    For name_divider, that’s not how it works either. For example: [mctagmap name_divider="|"] is the default. So any tag with a | (vertical pipe), would be split at the pipe. So if you had a tag name of Prof. Dr. | Name Surname, that listing would be sorted under the “N” as designed. See:

    Neither option hides anything, just rearranges the word and/or sort order.

    In your case you could simply try adding a vertical pipe to your tags and use: [mctagmap] and adding some JavaScript to your theme like:

    	/* remove after name_divider */
    	$('.tagindex .links a').text(function(i, t) {
    		if(t.indexOf(',') >= 1){
    			return t.substr(0, t.lastIndexOf(','));

    But note, that will remove any part of any word after a comma. Ify ou could provide a link to a page you are trying this on, I can take a look and possibly provide a better solution.

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