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  • Hi All,
    I have successfully installed TinyMCE Advanced on WordPress 2.6 which I upgraded recently from WP 2.5.0 I can see TinyMCE Advanced plugin, can enable and disable it as well as configure it, but once I go to write post I see the same old WordPress Visual editor. I even tried to add/remove buttons in TinyMCE Advanced configuration panel and delete all browser cache but still same thing.

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  • I’ve had a similar problem on a few sites and it appears to be related to an upgrade issue. On sites where I haven’t had the problem I’ve installed 2.5.1 and upgraded to 2.6. On sites where I’ve had the problem they have been older sites, upgrading progresively from 2.3.3 through to 2.6.

    It’s not a server issue as the sites are on the same server.

    Tried many of the solutions on this forum to no avail.

    One solution in particular made things worse. Setting WPLANG to “en” in wp-config.php broke the default visual editor completely, leaving it stuck in code view. Changing the setting back did not undo this problem.

    Tempted to do a db backup and reinstall

    Had one error pointing to line 47 in wp-config.php and line 807 of wp-includes/classes.php in the edit post page.

    Also had an error pointing to line 770 in wp-includes/pluggable.php every time I deactivated plugin and had to reload the page to view the plugin list.

    Looking at wp-config.php the php code actually ends at line 45. Deleted the empty lines and all of these errors disappeared and TinyMCE Advanced is now working. 🙂

    Same symptoms different server. Also had an issue with the NAVT plugin. I could view the manage NAVT screen but there was no functionality.

    Checked the wp-config.php and there was one empty line after the close of the php code. Edited the file directly on the server this time and removed everything after the last character of code and everything works again. Truly weird but it seems to work.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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