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  • I am having the same problem. Zenphoto has changed the URL parameter syntax in this (or some recent) version. That means zenphotopress must be updated too!

    I see the plugin hasn’t been updated for quite some time, is it still alive?

    Even if the author does update the plugin, all images already in wordpress blog posts will have to be updated (as i believe the plugin just writes the image url into the post)!

    If we can find out what the new URL parameter syntax is (zenphoto forums), then the easiest way would be export the wordpress post database table, open the sql file in a editor (like textwrangler) and use the search and replace feature to replace all wrong urls with the right one. Save, then import the database table back into the wordpress database. (you could also do this with SQL statements, but is tricky if you’re not fluent in SQL).

    My example is:

    WordPress blog post:

    Broken image url: (note, by removing the parameters “&w=590&h=” , the image will load in full size)

    Zenphto page: (note, the link here still works from the wordpress post)

    My site is having the same problem. Simbul, you there?

    Plugin Author Simbul


    Hi there.

    It looks like a change in the URLs Zenphoto can accept has broken ZenphotoPress as well.

    Unfortunately, these days I don’t have enough time to keep ZenphotoPress up to date – especially in a situation like this: at a first glance, it looks like the solution would require some major architectural change. Sorry about that.

    On a side note, four30 is correct in pointing out that updating ZenphotoPress would not fix any of the links that were inserted in past posts. ZPP just generates the HTML: from that point on, the links are static.
    However, fixing the plugin would indeed fix shortcodes and widgets, as those are dynamically generated.

    Hope you guys can find a suitable alternative 🙂

    Thanks for the update.

    FYI: this is how I solved the problem of broken image URLs:

    And from now on I insert images into wordpress by copying the image URL that I get from zenphoto manually. It’s pretty easy.

    Good luck!

    Darn ; my company’s website extensively uses the album shortcode. We could just eliminate it, but I wonder if anyone (Simbul or otherwise) could consider updating the plugin? We’d be willing to hire a developer to work on it, rather than deal with the hassle of finding a different plugin

    Plugin Author Simbul


    The plugin is opensource, so I’ll be more than happy if someone decides to pick it up.
    Unfortunately I don’t have the time for it now, so I can’t commit to a fix, sorry.

    I made a pretty crude hack, replacing where it makes the i.php call with the end parameter &s=thumb to &w=100 and that seems to (sort of) work. The hard width at least comes up (because the image is cached) though some are not the right proportions (say if you have some tall and some wide images). Still, this was a better fix in my situation rather than replace all of the shortcodes site-wide

    (see one of the ‘album pages’ linked to from the google map on this page:

    Not tested fully but it seems that if one ticks the ‘cache full image’ box in Options-> Image (Zenphoto admin interface) – with the option of watermarking – then the images seem to display okay on WP. Not ideal of course if you are planning on protecting the images, but maybe it will be of use to others?

    FWIW… ZenPhoto shortcodes pllugin still works wiht the current versionsof ZP and WP

    Not 100% sure, but I fixed an old bug on ZP recently because of similar symptoms with ZPpress

    By the way, Simbul, if you give me access to the repo I’ll have a look and push the local changes I already have (mainly the config file changing again on ZP side!)

    Plugin Author Simbul


    Zenphotopress is officially discontinued, so I think the best way would be to create a new repo with the current source code and move on from there (kind of like a fork on Github).

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