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  1. Len Bias
    Posted 3 years ago #

    someone please help me.. i am having a problem with the thumbnails of my website. i mean the literal thumbnails not the wordpress word for featured images. my site is http://www.socialsuite.org. if you can see on the homepage right under the featured slider banner it says 'promote your music' etc where instead it should have thumbnails of the featured images. i have exhausted all possible solutions within my capabilities.. added post_thumbnail and all other support codes into function.php and still this problem is creeping up. i have tried downgradin the version of wordpress i am using the list goes on. i am using elegant themes - the corportation theme. please please someone help before i loose my marbles :(

  2. When I look at the source code I can see this:


    That's the url for the thumbnail. That url doesn't look right to me and doesn't work.

  3. Len Bias
    Posted 3 years ago #

    your right. that doesnt look right to me either. so how do i change the source code of just the thumbnail and point to the right image? because its sposed to be linked the larger featured image in the slider and the slider works fine.

  4. You might need to go and ask the folks at elegant themes. Those are paid for themes, so we have no way to look at the code.

  5. Len Bias
    Posted 3 years ago #

    thats a bummer.. thank you very very much for trying to help. i will try and get intouch with them..

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