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  • Hi, i’ve a problem. I’m creating a blog with the theme Ahimsa. The problem is that the page of the blog is too large! I’m trying to modify the widith but i don’t understand what i’ve to modify in the stylesheet 😉
    In google or in the forum i don’t finde noone with the same problem… Maybe someone here can help’ me?
    this is the stylesheet

    Theme Name: Ahimsa
    Theme URI:
    Description: Ahimsa — basic colours, low graphics, minimal distractions, collapsible sidebar, with rounded corners in Firefox, Safari, Chrome. New for version 2.1: support for WP 2.7 comment system, more consistent look for comments section, many new configurable options (including default visibility of sidebar on posts and pages). Please visit for feature list and to suggest fixes and enhancements.
    Version: 2.1
    Author: Ravi Sarma
    Author URI:
    Tags: green, orange, red, white, yellow, two-columns, flexible-width, left-sidebar, theme-options, threaded-comments

    Ahimsa 2.1

    Theme built for the Ahren Code site but free for all
    to use. The aim of this theme is to minimise the
    distractions to the reader through the use of clean
    (mostly) primary colours, low graphics, etc. This
    theme uses rounded borders viewable in all browsers
    that support them.

    The CSS, XHTML and design are released under GPL:

    [huge chunk of code moderated – please use a pastebin]

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  • dismadylan, I am the author of the theme, but I saw this post from you only now, since I do not visit the WP forums often. Do you still need help?

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