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  • Hi, I have ~somewhat~ figured out this theme, but I have a problem with my thumbnail images I can’t resolve.

    The first three pics I added resized nicely, showing a mini version of the larger image. The remaining I added later, were resized with the sides of the pictures cropped off. The larger images are fine, the problem is just with the post thumbs.

    Now I think I may have accidentally checked the box for hardcropping in the theme settings in between these changes. I can’t recall what the default setting was, but it was checked when I added the remaining pics.

    I have tried EVERYTHING I can think of, and have read and searched on this problem, including, but not necessarily in this order:

    checking and unchecking hardcrop thumbs
    installed ajax rebuild thumbnails
    used this plugin with each change
    permanently deleted and reuploaded all pics in the media tab
    deleted images in actual posts saved and reloaded newly reuploaded pics
    set featured image and not set featured image

    at some point in all this, my thumbs that were resized properly have now been resized with the sides cut off.

    Does anybody have an idea of what am I missing?? Here’s my site so you can see…

    Thanks again

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