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    First off, very good work on all of these updates ! Your plugin was already a must have, but it’s becoming even more useful with each new update. Thanks a lot !

    There is this little problem, though : you’ve added a filter that allows to prevent unwanted registration based on a list of usernames. That’s all well and good, but unfortunately, the filter removes previous errors that might have been thrown by other plugins (for instance, a handmade plugin that I use to do basically the same thing, but based on email domains instead of username… – sneaky feature request ;D).

    Your function replace the previous errors on line 623 of the wp-cerber.php file with an empty WP_Error object (wp-cerber version 4.0).

    Could you please modify the way you handle the errors ?

    Thanks in advance !

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  • hardesfred


    Unrelated :

    I’ve taking the liberty to update the french translation :

    Some things I noticed :
    – upload file button and log file labels seem interverted
    – the translation for the help text and placeholders on access list tab are missing
    – not all of the “know more” links are translated
    – same for the blocks on the right (be in touch, donate, …)
    – and the help section

    Plugin Author Gioni



    First of all, thanks for your translation!

    • I agree with you on filtering WP_Error object. I update the code soon.
    • Could you please upload translation file via support form
    • What do you mean by this: “upload file button and log file labels seem interverted”?
    • And yes I’ll update untranslated phrases soon. Actually “Know more” is used for links that point to the English explanations. That means I expect that a user understand English phrase without translation.


    I’ve uploaded the translation using your contact form.

    What do you mean by this: “upload file button and log file labels seem interverted”?

    Actually, I was the one who switched the translations by mistake, sorry.
    Although, the translation for the file upload button wasn’t applied. You should add a the translation domain on line 672 of the dashboard.php file.

    Plugin Author Gioni


    Regarding ‘registration_errors’ filter. I’ve updated the plugin in the repository. Please, reinstall the plugin from scratch.



    Thanks a lot!

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