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  • Hi everyone, I have this same issue and this is driving me nuts, ’cause I have tried everything described in this forum and in other research I had done.

    The strange thing is that: the whole thing works fine on local server but on-line it shows only a broken image. I had re-installed the version, looked for all the broken lines in function.php (both generical and the one at includes folder), looked up if the libraries GD and FreeType are ok… apparently is everything ok and works on my localhost but on-line don’t… please help me someone, I’m about to jump from the bridge…

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    Sorry but – right now – it’s very hard to figure out exactly what you are having a problem with. What “whole thing” & “version” are you referring to?
    Always include as much information as possible

    well, in my localhost, the WP with the same configurations of the version on-line (the current is 3.6.1) is running well. but online it don’t. the image preview who allows me to cut and resize the image gives me only a broken image icon(chrome and ie) or nothing(mozilla firefox). on firebug, when hover the cursor over the src attribute of the image, it gives me a miniature of the image on my localhost, but at online server it gives me the error “Failed to load the given URL”. I think that is an error in the ajax loading but, making some debug, haven’t noticed anything wrong…
    the online server have the same configs of the localhost…

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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