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  • Hi,

    In my content there are external links for example:, and if I add them into my content with http;//, then when I click on the link, I can land on the external website.

    But whenever I add a link without http://www part, only, then I am landing on http;//, which causes the user to land on a 404 page.

    Because of this problem, I am receiving error reports on google webmastertools and therefore my websites rank decreased.

    How can I configure it so, so that if a link does not have any http:// at the beginning can still go to the externalwebsite?

    The links are like this in my posts:
    <a href="/">click here</a>

    And same appears here, on, too. Check it here: click here

    But lands on after click:

    Thanks for your help!

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  • If you’re going to be putting external links for a website, you would need to the follow the format for the HTML link code. You can’t leave it out.

    <a href="">External Domain name</a>

    Otherwise, it won’t link properly. You can decide to leave the WWW out, but you can’t leave the HTTP:// portion out. Otherwise, the link won’t work.

    And yes, if you do the link code improperly, it will be noted as a bad link and possibly affect your search engine rankings.

    By the way, if you noticed – if you put the text in between, you can make it appear without the “http://www”. The code is designed to do that for you. Here’s an example:

    <a href="">WordPress Home Page</a>

    This would appear in your post like this and still link out properly:

    WordPress Home Page

    Hope that helps to explain it!

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