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  1. maisteriharju
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    I'm making a website which is divided in two parts, A and B. Both parts of the website has their own separate blog. Both parts also have own separate submenu-systems which are based on conditional tags.

    The problem the submenu of the B part. (This is propably the part where you get lost but try to hang on). How do I get the B-part to have submenu when someone reads the posts of the blog on B-side? Both blogs use single.php as template and I just can't see any way how to separate those two blogs to show different submenus.

    There is one way I know: post-slug. I could add post-slug to the B-side posts and make it separate that way. I tried to change the permalinks to show the post-slug but I got some htaccess-error which eventually gave me 403 error and it prevented me log into WordPress. So the post-slug is not on option.

    Are there any other methods?

    When I looked through all the Contional Tags (http://codex.wordpress.org/Conditional_Tags) I just couldn't find any option which would work.

    Thanks for help.

    - T -

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