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    It seems this problem has never been addressed with WP.
    If a viewer adds a comment to a post then the admin of that post replies to the comment, the admin gets a banner or badge over that says admin which is good but if any replies to the admin reply they also get labeled as admin in the thread. I am told that is a bug in WP but why is it still a bug?

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  • Michael


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    depending on how the ‘banner or badge’ is done, this seems to be more a ‘bug’ in the css of your currently used theme; possibly due to css inheriting the formatting of parent elements.

    please post an example.

    Okay here is a link to a post that has the problem, Just to clarify it only happens to viewers who reply to a comment or reply that a admin makes.



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    your theme seems to be adding this span <span class="author-badge"></span> to all coments, and is then trying to style it only for the post-author:
    in /wp-content/themes/duotive-fortune/css/main-theme-dark.css

    #comments .commentlist li .avatar-wrapper {
    	background:url(../images/main-theme-dark/comments-avatar.png) repeat-x top;

    through the inheritance of styles, it also gets applied to the span further down in sub lists.

    try a css hack:

    <style>#comments .commentlist li.bypostauthor li { background: none; }

    for details, please contact the developer of your theme for support (via themeforest).

    commercial themes are not supported by this forum.

    That just hides it all together does not solve the initial problem if you do want the admin on the admins

    You css hack does work though so you get extra points for that thanks. I did originally contact them about it and they where the ones that said it was a WP bugs and they usually are very well informed, hummm. Anyways thanks. 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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