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  • I just set up a wordpress site and the text in the story content sections displays correctly on every machine i see except for mine. On my machine, text on the left portion of the paragraph displays while text on the right is blank until i highlight it with the cursor. I have not had this problem with any other webpage and it doesnt happen for any other portion of wordpress other than the storycontent section. I tried changing the font in the wp-layout.css file to see if it would display correctly for me then, but it still doesnt. Like I said, it works for everyone else who browses the page except for me. The same scenario happens when i browse other wordpress pages too. Clearly the problem is with my machine, but I dont know what would cause this problem. does anyone have any suggestions for where i should look? Im running gentoo linux with the latest kde and im using firefox. Thanks

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  • We need a little more specific information like your operating system and a link to your site or test site.

    Do the other machines also run linux? It might begin there.

    Don’t forget that there are still a lot of browser conflicts out there and with so many people designing their own page styles and using Themes not totally tested out on every possible computer/browser combination, there are bound to be problems.

    Check out WordPress CSS Information and Techniques and WordPress Blog Design and Layout to see if there is some info in there that will help. It’s not your fonts, but the containers you have to worry about.

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