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  • hello peeps! i was tweaking my wordpress installation earlier and i changed the tagline/description of my blog thru the admin options. i wanted to have a word in the description in italic (while others are not, e.g. “hello world“). however, when i placed the tags along with the description and then clicked the update option button, all of the data in the option page became messed up. my blog header originally has an apostrophe in it and after i saved the options the apostrophe was preceded by a backslash (\) as if it was considered as an escape character. not only that, the data in the date format was messed up as well (e.g., all the \ i’ve placed were preceded with a \). and everytime i click the save button, the \ kept on appearing. when i view my blog, the \ still appears even on my header.

    i need help on this one. thanks.

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  • I would suggest you log into your Options page and delete everything (meaning the title and description) and save it (to reset). Then put your title back in, apostrophe and all, except slash it out (“It\’s” instead of “It’s”). If the slash displays, then remove the slash. Get the title working as needed.

    Then move to the description and slash out the < prior to your italic code, and be sure to use double quotes instead of single, if you need them: Hello \<em\>world\</em\>.

    Don’t know that it would *definitely* work, but maybe it will!

    thanks. i was able to do a work-around with the glitch by putting the exact html code of apostrophe (so the blog title would look the same was as before). after that, i tried removing the apostrophe and saving and putting it back and saving and it worked already.

    however, i tried your tip for the description but it didn’t work (the \ still pops up). i tried using the html code for < and > to generate the tags and it works fine in the description page (the \ don’t pop up anymore), however, it doesn’t render the proper style in the blog description when i view it (it also shows the tags).

    oh and i also tried resetting the values (removing everything and putting it back) but the \ still appears 🙁

    Well, the *first* time, it shouldn’t. BUt when you go back in to edit again, and then save, it will – because the character (or slashed-out character) will have been converted to the correct character by WordPress. So if you got the tagline to work, but the “\” is still showing up in the title, then try editing the “\'” that’s appearing, and change it to “It's” and that should do it. (again, in theory!)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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